Montessori Math Curriculum

Mathematics is the science of abstract thought related to quantity, space, and patterns. During Dr. Montessori's research and studies of child development in education, she concluded that children develop delight and excitement in math when they are given a proper foundation and the freedom to explore. This, in turn, increases their awareness of all things mathematical. 


Everything within the Montessori classroom is designed to support the development of the mathematical mind. The environment is orderly, the placement of materials has a specific order, moving from left to right, top to bottom, from the most simplest task to the most abstract and progressively more difficult materials. Every activity in all domains follow a specific order, sequential steps, in order to complete. 

At Discover Me, we follow the Montessori Method when introducing math concepts to young children. Beginning at the most concrete, simplest skills like understanding the numeric symbols 0-9, building knowledge on representing quantities for numerals 0-9, and understanding that zero means the absence of a quantity, we then move to the more abstract math skills, like the decimal system (place value) and how a set quantity can be exchanged for another (10 units [ones] for one 10-bar; ten 10-bars for one 100-square and so forth). While there are several activities and games that we introduce and play with the children, they are repetitive in their purpose: to build a strong understanding of the relationships between the numbers and what they represent. 

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