Welcome to Our Little School House!

The past several weeks have been a whirlwind getting the house prepared for the Montessori school. While we have begun scheduling home tours for families to see if Discover Me Montessori is right for them, I wanted to present a digital tour as well. While it doesn't capture every single aspect of what we have to offer, it gets quite a bit. 

One of my favorite areas is the writing and sensorial area. While I'm still waiting on some additional materials to add to the center, this area has the Montessori metal insets for the children to practice their fine motor skills in writing by tracing the shapes and coloring them in, or drawing lines/zigzags, and so forth.  You can also see the most common Montessori materials here: red rods, pink tower, and brown stairs.

Here is the math center. Again, still waiting on some materials, but you can see the red and blue number rods for children learning to understand the quantities 1-10, and the green sandpaper numerals to further develop numeral understanding and prepare the child for writing. 

Below is another angle of the math area, focusing on some non-Montessori materials I will provide in the classroom.

Here is a view standing from the math area. Here you can see some practical life activities, like buckling, zipping, and snapping, as well as the general layout of one of the two rooms that will be the school. 

In Montessori, children are encouraged to work wherever they please. Because of this, we have several sizes of work mats they learn to unroll and work on at the beginning of the year. Here is an example of a small moveable alphabet activity where the child chooses cards to create the words and find the miniature objects to match with them.

For imaginative play, we have a small wooden dollhouse with a family and moveable furniture. We also have a large felt board that will have engaging activities that go along with each monthly theme. Our first month of school will include the community helpers theme.  So far, I have the farmer and his barn, and the firefighter and firehouse ready.

Some other things we have available for the children are the sensory bins, a reading nook, a dramatic play area (this example will be for a "bakery" where children will have lots of felt cookie pieces and felt decorations to create and use the oven to bake. It was 100% child-made, as will be most of our future dramatic play centers so they can take pride in their learning and work. This area also has  baby and doctor tools to go along with the community helpers theme), a circle time area for when we meet in the mornings or red stories, and an art easle.