Registration Information

Ages Taught

We accept children between the ages of 18 months - 7 years old for our Montessori Toddler and Pre-Primary Education Program or Kinder - 2nd grade private school program. We teach to the child’s needs and not his or her age and may begin higher "grade level" skills as needed. Being potty trained is not a requirement, as it is the Montessori way to help the child independently learn care of self, however, children accepted in the PreK and Up program should be either in trainers, pull-ups, or underpants, as we will not have the means of changing diapers in the older classroom.

How to Register

To begin the process, please contact us through the form here.  The Director will be in touch as soon as possible. Or, you may call at (682)235-4366 or email directly Seats may fill up quickly. 

Enrollment Paperwork

To have your child begin their first day of school, you must have the contract, registration form, field trip permission slip, Discipline Policy, vaccination records, and health statement from your child’s physician. We do not accept vaccine exemptions. You will also be required to attend a brief parent orientation to go over the Parent Handbook which is located in our online Family Portal. We will hold a group parent orientation the week before the first day of school.

Registration Policies

Filling out this registration form does not guarantee a spot for your child. Your child’s spot is guaranteed as soon as you have officially enrolled (this includes a school tour and all paperwork signed and completed with the supply fee & first month’s tuition). If you have questions regarding tuition and other fees, please refer to the Tuition page.

If Discover Me Montessori is able to offer enrollment to your child, we will begin the application/enrollment process. This process includes completing the school and State required paperwork which includes an application, emergency contact information, immunization records, physician's statement of health, policy acceptance, and collection of materials fee.

A mandatory Parent Orientation is required before your child's first day, in which school staff will discuss the Parent Handbook and address any questions. The school will schedule a Parent Orientation prior to the first day of school. Any incoming students that enroll later in the year will arrange a time in which the parents can meet with the director for this orientation.