Jorge D.

“Just a great school and excellent teachers! My son is always looking forward to be at DMM. He has learned not only academics but very important social skills. Since being at DMM my son is showing how much he loves to learn and how to make friends. I recommend this school wholeheartedly.”

Lisa R.

“My son has been attending DMM since October. In that time, he has developed immensely. He turned 3 today and he's reading, can recognize a ton of numbers and letters, count quantities, and he's learned a lot of life skills. Joining DMM was like joining a family. Everyone cares about everyone else. We celebrate success together and encourage each other when we need it. This team does amazing things and I wouldn't send my kid anywhere else.”

“My son is in his second year at Discover Me Montessori. The teachers are wonderful educators and truly care about the students and their development. My son’s confidence has grown exponentially from the self-guided hands on learning and life skills he has developed at school. I highly recommend Discover Me Montessori to any parent/caregiver looking for a beautiful environment with amazing teachers!”

Kelly F.

Jodi K.

"We are absolutely in love with DMM. My daughter is 2.5 and already knows her alphabet sounds, counts and can spell (and almost write) her name. Her life skills have improved as well. She greets people and proudly looks them in the eye, she can prepare herself for her day and even helps out around the house a little bit. She has so much fun there I don’t even know if she realizes what she’s learning. Christa is organized and keeps the parents informed. Every activity is relative to the season and they change almost daily. I don’t know how she does it. It’s a family there, and we feel like part of her family. My daughter loves it and all of her little friends. I think it’s rare to find a place so good, we feel so lucky!!"

"We highly recommend Discover Me Montessori! Ms. Christa is extremely organized and keeps us well-informed. The weekly calendar is great, and we love seeing pictures and getting a daily report! Ms. Christa is also wonderful with the kids. She is very encouraging, patient, and calm. She cares about and sees the best in each one of them. This school is her passion! We really appreciate the combination of academic learning, life skills, community, culture, and physical activity DMM provides. When I pick up my son, he is always happy and excited to show me what he’s done that day at school." 

Amy G.

Angelica G.

"Ms. Christa has done so much for my son in such a short period of time. We have seen improvement in almost everything such as his communication skills, academics and social skills. We are so grateful and I am so happy we chose this school. “

Dora J.

"Mrs. Jones' is blessed with the gift to enhance a child's ability to learn, retain and bloom to the next level! Her ability to light up the room, understand every single child's learning needs and have control of her class settings is phenomenal. My daughter was blessed to have had her in 2nd grade and till this day she says she is one of the best teachers she has had! She is truly exceptional, has a beautiful heart and soul and she will go over and beyond for all students!"

Sharla G.

"My husband and I have been blessed to have Mrs. Jones as a teacher for our son.
Teachers change lives. Being the right person at the right time may be enough to change a person's life forever. I can honestly say that Mrs. Jones has been an amazing influence for Isaiah. She has helped and guided my family tremendously. This year as a student, my son has excelled in his academics, and it is all because of her patience and teaching style. I could go on forever about the amazing impact she has had on our child's life. You will be missed greatly Mrs. Jones."